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My services

There are many reasons to seek the help of a Professional Seamstress - you're attending your first prom, need that interview suit tailored to fit, or the date has been set for your wedding. Or you may have found the perfect pair of jeans, but they're a couple of inches too long. With expert sewing, personal service and beautiful results, you won't be disappointed by choosing Janee's Originals.

Bridal Alterations and Restyling


One of my specialties is bridal work. Gowns often need alterations to make the fit enhance the figure, the hem may need to be shortened and the train bustled for ease of movement after the ceremony. The style may be close to what the bride has envisioned but need some restyling or added details to reach that ideal. The gown that was worn by the grandmother or mother can be remade into an updated style, or a new layer with sleeves and a bodice overlay can be added to a strapless gown. There are nearly endless possibilities. Come in with your gown and your ideas - let's see what enhancements we can make together.

Tailoring and Alterations


Everyday clothing should fit your body as well as your lifestyle. Alterations such as taking in seams and shortening hems, often referred to as tailoring, can bring the garment's proportions into the right scale. 

Custom Garments


Special occasion gowns, bridalwear and mothers' gowns, or careerwear such as tailored jackets, pants or skirts - all can be custom made for you. The garment can start with a sketch, a commercial pattern, or be inspired by a beautiful piece of fabric. We'll collaborate to create a one-of-a-kind garment that will fit and flatter perfectly.

Christening Gowns


Many brides bring their gowns to me for restyling into an heirloom christening gown. With great care, I will preserve the best design elements of the original gown, incorporating the special fabrics and embellishments in the new ensemble. What a beautiful way to hold onto the memories.

Sewing Lessons


Learning to sew provides the opportunity to enhance the wardrobe, the home, and enrich life. Private or semi-private lessons and classes can be arranged, for adults and children over 8 years old. Beginner, intermediate or advanced level classes are offered. more

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