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What is a Sewing Professional, and why use one?

As you go about choosing a dressmaker, whether for alterations or creating custom garments, or a sewing teacher, you'll find there are many differences in experience and training. Those who are professionals value the quality of their work and strive to offer the best techniques and workmanship.


The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals is a an international organization of individuals engaged in both commercial and home-based sewing- and design-related businesses. Providing education, networking opportunities, and design challenges for those professionals and design students, is part of the association's mission. Members are dedicated to excellence in their businesses and all of their endeavors. The ASDP standards and practices are outlined in the Standards of Quality document provided to each member, and illustrate our commitment to high levels of technical performance. A code of ethics demonstrates our commitment to equally high standards for ethical business conduct. A certification program offering Masters of Sewing certificates raises the level of professionalism. Educating the public in how to find and use professional sewing and design services is also part of the mission of ASDP. 


For more information, please visit the ASDP site at

What does this mean for our customers?


As a charter member of ASDP I have been involved with the organization for over 28 years. Taking advantage of the annual educational conferences, I've been able to study under the best sewing educators across the country and advance my skills in sewing techniques, design, and fitting. The network of members gives me access to sewing specialists in other areas for both referrals and guidance.

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